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This is a list of the default keys for the PC and MAC versions of the game.


Action Key/Button Comments
Changes the camera's orientation to face the North pole N
Freecam mode needs to be bound in the settings.
Move the camera around the planet Arrow Keys
Zoom Middle Mouse Button
Rotate Ctrl + Left, Right Keys
Moon View Comma
Galactic View Period
Capture Anchor Shift + Number Saves a camera anchor point
Recall Anchor Alt + Number Recalls and returns to a previously saved camera anchor point
Manual camera mode M Use WASD to move around, use middle mouse to look around, use R and F to move camera vertically. Hold down Shift to move faster


Action Key/Button Comments
Global chat Enter
Team Only chat Shift-Enter


Action Key/Button Comments
Selects units of the same type and tier Double Click / Ctrl + Z
Assign units to a group Ctrl + Number
Queue up multiple units. Sets rally points Shift + Click
Destroys any selected units or structures Delete
Center view on the Commander B
Selects and tracks moving units T


Action Key/Button Comments
Add 5 more units to the queue Shift + Mouse Click
Move units to the beginning of the queue Ctrl + Mouse Click
Remove queued units Right Mouse Button These can be mixed together. example: Shift + ctrl + right click will remove five of that unit starting from the beginning of the queue.

User Interface[edit]

Action Key/Button Comments
Toggle UI visibility U
Hide healthbars CTRL + H
Hide icons CTRL + I
Display stats P

Chrono Cam[edit]

Action Key/Button Comments
Go to the start of the recorded game Home
Get back into the game End
Go one second backwards Page Up
Go one second ahead Page Down


Action Key/Button Comments
Toggle path-finding tools F11

In-Game Settings[edit]

You can edit the keyboard controls in the game. The available bindings are as follows: General

Action Default Key/Button Comments
Show/Hide UI ctrl+u
Show/Hide Performance Panel ctrl+p
Toggle Music ctrl+s


Action Default Key/Button Comments
Command Mode (Move) m
Command Mode (Attack) a
Command Mode (Assist) i
Command Mode (Repair) r
Command Mode (Reclaim) e
Command Mode (Patrol) p
Stop Command s
Next Build Tab b
Fire at will
Return Fire
Hold Fire
Hold Position
Show/Hide Health Bars ctrl+h
Show/Hide Strategic Locations ctrl-i
Show/Hide Metal Locations ctrl-n
Toggle Cliff Colors ctrl+f
Enable Navigation Debug Info
Disable Navigation Debug Info
Select Commander alt+c
Select Idle Fabbers f
Select All Factories shift+f1
Select All Idle Factories shift+f2
Select All Factories On Screen shift+f3
Select All Idle Factories On Screen shift+f4
Select All Combat Units ctrl+shift+f6
Select All Combat Units On Screen shift+f6