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Project updates
Gamma Build: 66567 Huge Update! Galactic War Build is here! 2014.5.23
#76 Planetary Annihilation commences Galactic War! 2014.5.22
Gamma Build: 62165 This update includes many bug fixes, new features, unit balancing and MORE! 2014.2.27
#68 Planetary Annihilation Update Goes Live, Enters Gamma Phase Of Development! 2014.2.27
Beta Build: 59607 Big Update! New units, orbital construction, along with teleporters and more! 2014.1.16
#60 Hey, We're Streaming Our Playtests! 2014.1.10
#37 Patch Round-Up! 2013.10.4
YouTube, ZaphodX, Planetary Annihilation, And You 2013.9.30
#36 Patches! Coming To A PA Near You Soon! 2013.9.30
Planetary Annihilation Beta Livestream – September 27 2013.9.27
Join Us For Another Livestream This Friday! 2013.9.26
#35 Beta Begins 2013.9.26
#34 Lore Reveal: Factions, Leaders, Universe … And Backers 2013.9.19
#33 Beta Release Date 2013.9.13
Join Us For A Livestream This Friday! 2013.9.12
#32 End of Summer Update 2013.9.10
Wow, That’s A Lot of Bombs 2013.9.9
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