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A commander is a unit intended to represent the player in-game and is the leader of the player's forces. A player who loses his or her commander is defeated.

A commander is the very first unit available to the player, and acts as both an attack unit and a tech 1 fabrication unit. Commanders can build some Tech 1 structures, as well as two Tech 2 structures for late-game tactics. Commanders act as an automatic production unit at the start of the game to help players get a start on their economy, though it is highly recommended to build more economy structures before building an army. It is impossible to build more commanders, so the player only gets one and must ensure its safety. Due to it's fairly large amount of hitpoints and strong attack, it is a difficult target in the early game. A commander surviving an exploding nuke in immediate proximity is common.

Types of Commanders[edit | edit source]

Imperial Progenitor Commander

Imperial Alpha Commander

Imperial Theta Commander

Imperial Delta Commander

Imperial Invictus Commander

Raptor Centurion Commander

Raptor Rallus Commander

Tank Aeson Commander

Quad Osiris Commander

Raptor Nemicus Commander

Unit Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Health: 12500
  • Max Speed: 7
  • Acceleration: 90
  • Braking Rate: 70
  • Range: 100
  • Turn Rate: 90
  • Vision Radius: 150
  • Metal Production: 30 Metal per second
  • Energy Production: 3000 Energy per second
  • Metal Storage: 1000
  • Energy Storage: 20000
  • Damage: 80
  • Fire Rate: 2 shots per second
  • DPS: 160
  • Muzzle Velocity: 70
  • Fabrication Rate: 30 Metal per second
  • Energy Consumption: 1500 Energy per second

Besides selecting which commander the player can use, players can customize the commander further with certain abilities and weapons.

Fabrication Stats[edit | edit source]

The commander is able to fabricate the following structures:

Limited-edition commander units[edit | edit source]

Delta Commander.png
A Delta Commander

Commander units available only under certain circumstances are listed below:

Requirement Commanders
Pre-ordered or backed game Imperial Theta Commander
Donation of US$50 during crowdfunding campaign Imperial Progenitor Commander
Donation of US$90 during crowdfunding campaign Imperial Alpha Commander     Imperial Delta Commander
Pre-ordered the cosmic edition for $200 Imperial Delta Commander
Donation of US$1,000 during crowdfunding campaign Custom-made in-game commander[1]
  1. These players also receive five keys allowing them to gift their unique commander to friends.