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This is a list of the default keys for the PC and MAC versions of the game.

Camera[edit | edit source]

Action Key/Button Comments
Changes the camera's orientation to face the North pole N
Freecam mode needs to be bound in the settings.
Move the camera around the planet Arrow Keys
Zoom Middle Mouse Button
Rotate Ctrl + Left, Right Keys
Moon View Comma
Galactic View Period
Capture Anchor Shift + Number Saves a camera anchor point
Recall Anchor Alt + Number Recalls and returns to a previously saved camera anchor point
Manual camera mode M Use WASD to move around, use middle mouse to look around, use R and F to move camera vertically. Hold down Shift to move faster

Communication[edit | edit source]

Action Key/Button Comments
Global chat Enter
Team Only chat Shift-Enter

Combat[edit | edit source]

Action Key/Button Comments
Selects units of the same type and tier Double Click / Ctrl + Z
Assign units to a group Ctrl + Number
Queue up multiple units. Sets rally points Shift + Click
Destroys any selected units or structures Delete
Center view on the Commander B
Selects and tracks moving units T

Building[edit | edit source]

Action Key/Button Comments
Add 5 more units to the queue Shift + Mouse Click
Move units to the beginning of the queue Ctrl + Mouse Click
Remove queued units Right Mouse Button These can be mixed together. example: Shift + ctrl + right click will remove five of that unit starting from the beginning of the queue.

User Interface[edit | edit source]

Action Key/Button Comments
Toggle UI visibility U
Hide healthbars CTRL + H
Hide icons CTRL + I
Display stats P

Chrono Cam[edit | edit source]

Action Key/Button Comments
Go to the start of the recorded game Home
Get back into the game End
Go one second backwards Page Up
Go one second ahead Page Down

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Action Key/Button Comments
Toggle path-finding tools F11

In-Game Settings[edit | edit source]

You can edit the keyboard controls in the game. The available bindings are as follows: General

Action Default Key/Button Comments
Show/Hide UI ctrl+u
Show/Hide Performance Panel ctrl+p
Toggle Music ctrl+s


Action Default Key/Button Comments
Command Mode (Move) m
Command Mode (Attack) a
Command Mode (Assist) i
Command Mode (Repair) r
Command Mode (Reclaim) e
Command Mode (Patrol) p
Stop Command s
Next Build Tab b
Fire at will
Return Fire
Hold Fire
Hold Position
Show/Hide Health Bars ctrl+h
Show/Hide Strategic Locations ctrl-i
Show/Hide Metal Locations ctrl-n
Toggle Cliff Colors ctrl+f
Enable Navigation Debug Info
Disable Navigation Debug Info
Select Commander alt+c
Select Idle Fabbers f
Select All Factories shift+f1
Select All Idle Factories shift+f2
Select All Factories On Screen shift+f3
Select All Idle Factories On Screen shift+f4
Select All Combat Units ctrl+shift+f6
Select All Combat Units On Screen shift+f6