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Planets make up an important part of Planetary Annihilation; controlling, conquering, and utilizing different planets is required in order for players to increase their faction's power and defeat enemies. Planets serve as bases of operations, economy bases, and army generators. While not as important as losing your commander, losing planets, whether by conquest or outright destruction, will deny you of those assets.

There is a diverse selection of planets in game that each have their own unique qualities.

Planet Types[edit | edit source]

Most planets fall into one of two categories:

  • Earth-like planets with multiple biomes, affected by temperature (i.e. Arctic biome at the poles, desert in the middle, forest in between, etc.)
  • Single-biome planets. See biomes for more details.

Small Objects[edit | edit source]

Not strictly planets, but these can be found orbiting planets and offer their own strategic advantages. They can be used for both resource collection and building armies and bases.

  • Moon: Moons typically use the barren biome and offer a strategic asset over nearby planets.
  • Asteroid: Smallest object that can be built on. Can be converted into a weapon.

Special Planet Types[edit | edit source]

There are also various specialized planets, as well:

  • Water Planet: A planet mostly covered in water, excellent for naval combat.
  • Gas Giant: Gaseous body where only orbital units can be used.
  • Lava Planet: A hostile planet where there's lava instead of water.
  • Metal Planet: An artificial world that contains powerful ancient technology.

Destroying a Planet[edit | edit source]

Currently, the main way to destroy a planet is to attach several engines onto an asteroid and ram it onto a planet's surface, leaving a huge crater. or use the Catalyst, The Catalyst is the structure placed on Metal Planets to turn them into giant Death Star like structures of death. You may also use the titan Ragnarok to destroy the planet on which it is placed.

These structures are capable of destroying entire planets.

Current objects that can be used for planet destruction:

  • Small planets
  • Asteroids
  • Moons
  • The Catalyst

Planet Editor[edit | edit source]

The Planet Editor allows players to use the in-game planet generator to create custom planets, as well as entire star systems. Options include planet type, radius, temperature, sea height, mountain height, as well as a seed generator. The planet editor allows players to create and save custom planets for use in online battles.