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Structures are the buildings that form the various infrastructure need to construct the units of a player's armed forces.

Tech Tiers[edit | edit source]

All Structures and Units come in two varieties: Tech 1 (or "basic"), and Tech 2 (or "advanced"). Tech 1 structures are available immediately to the Commander at the start of the game and are needed to build up the player's economy and army. Tech 2 items become available once the player has started building advanced factories and advanced fabrication units. They are more expensive and take longer to build, but are more powerful. The player will need to use both Tech 1 and Tech 2 level structures. For more details, see Technology Tier.

Resource Collection and Storage[edit | edit source]

There are two main resources in PA, Metal and Energy. Each has its own basic and advanced extractor, as well as a storage structure. This type of structure is essential as they're needed for construction, as well as to power most actions for your units.

The main resource structures are Metal Extractors, Energy Plants, and Storage units. See Economy for details on each structure.

Surveillance Structures[edit | edit source]

This type of structure is used to remove fog of war and monitor enemy activity. These can be used both defensively (to monitor the outer edges of your base) and offensively (to locate enemies and spot for long-range weapons).

Surveillance structures includes radar, advanced radar and sonar.

Defense Structures[edit | edit source]

Defense structures will be necessary to protect your bases from various kinds of attack. These include various defense towers, cannons, and missile launchers. For more details on each structure, see Base Defenses.

Defense Structures includes Air Defense Towers, Laser Defense Towers, Pelters, Land and Sea Barriers, Lobbers, Catapults, Jellyfish, Torpedo Launchers, Anti-Nuke Launchers, and Nuclear Missile Launchers.

Factories[edit | edit source]

Factories are needed to build units for the player's army. The Commander and basic fabrication vehicles can build all four types of basic factories (except for naval fabricators, which can only build naval factories). Advanced factories must be built by a basic or advanced fabrication vehicle of the same type. To see the details of each factory and what they can produce, see the page factories.

The factories available are:

Planned Structures[edit | edit source]

While they are currently not yet implemented, the following structures are known to be added to the game.

Orbital[edit | edit source]

Orbital structures will allow the player to take combat to other planets. Some of the known orbital units include:

  • Orbital Factory for constructing orbital items.
  • Orbital "Weapons platform" of some sort, which acts as an orbital base defense capable of attacking planetary and orbital units and buildings.
  • A Unit cannon that can shoot units. This is more useful for launching units from low-gravity planets such as a moon to higher gravity planets.
  • A type of engine that will convert asteroids to kinetic missiles. This allows asteroids to be weaponized and used to devastating effect against enemy-held planets, or used as a mobile base of operations.
  • A "Gas mine" resource collector for gas giants.
  • Teleporters. Useful for traveling between planets.
  • Satellites of various types, including radars.

Resource Collection[edit | edit source]

  • Wind turbine, for collecting energy on windy planets.
  • Fusion Generator (found in alpha game files)

Gallery[edit | edit source]